Here are my scheduled teaching events coming up in 2015.  Please email me ( lisakairos AT comcast DOT net ) if you are interested in having me present, speak, or teach.

Precision, Layering, and Clarity at Wax Works West
Three-day workshop
April 30 – May 1, 2016 (Saturday-Monday)
November 18 – 20 (Friday-Sunday)
Wax Works West is located in Corralitos, CA, just south of Santa Cruz, and is a fantastic place to learn and play.

Transparent Layering and Mixed Media Techniques at Idyllwild Arts Academy
5-day workshop
June 27 – July 1
Idyllwild Arts Academy has a terrific summer adult arts program. It is located southeast of Los Angeles.

20 thoughts on “Teaching

  1. Lilly

    How many layers of wax can you get over your artwork and it still remains transparent? What type of what wax should I use to get a nice thick layer but still remain relatively transparent over my photos?

    1. Kairos Family

      Hi Lilly,

      I’m afraid there is no *one* answer to this question. It depends on many factors, and encompasses a wide range of transparency-opacity. It depends on the temp. of your wax, the brush you use, how much air is trapped, the temp. of the room and the surface, how you fuse… My advice is to do some test panels and experiment until you get it right for what you want. If possible, sign up for one of my classes this year; I’ll be teaching two workshops that focus on this. One on the west coast, and one on the east.

  2. Susan Paladino

    Can one burnish with a wooden spoon on an encaustic surface to help get a smooth after fusing. I have tried thin layers but sometimes things are there that I don’t want. Also to get rid of unwanted bubbles.

    1. LisaK Post author

      Yes! I’ll be teaching in March at Wax Works West near Santa Cruz, California. March 15, 16, 17, with optional independent studies following.

  3. Jannet

    Hi Lisa,

    I love your work!!

    I’d love to take your course in Oct but unfortunately the timing won’t work. Do you have any other dates planned for this year. Would you be open to private lessons?


  4. LisaK Post author

    Hi Jannet,
    I’m afraid that as of now, that’s the only teaching date I have for the remainder of the year. My own studio is much too small for teaching. If you are in the bay area, and would like to be on a list I’m compiling for future classes or one-on-one mentoring, get in touch with me via my website: http://www.lisakairos.com and leave me an email where you can be reached. I get a lot of requests like this, and would like to have a solution. I was not able to teach one-on-one this past year, but maybe in the near future. Thanks for inquiring!!!

      1. LisaK Post author

        No, sorry Leonie, I don’t teach any classes online. Only through wax works west here in California…


  5. Jennifer Sadler

    Hi Lisa
    Many thanks for you blog tutorials (and beautiful work). I’ve just undertaken my largest encaustic piece and your suggestions on working large, achieving a smooth finish and preparing grounds has been invaluable.
    The air/heat bubbles persist (you mentioned they challenged you too) and i wonder if a solution had presented itself. I find they do go if i keep the heat gun up to them, but the timing between removing them and dispersing wax is critical and not something i’m totally successful in judging yet.
    Best Wishes

  6. Arturo

    Loving your work and would love to attend, but I live in SouthAmerica, will be in Miami though in May, would you be so kind to share contact of an encaustic instructor or workshop in that Area? Your help is much appreciated… do you give online workshops?

  7. steve

    Have you found a paper that can absorb say a photo or watercolor and be fairly or very transparent? I am using Sumi-E paper but it’s not as transparent as I was hoping it would be. I’m doing a kind of monotype with watercolors using yupo and sumi-e. I’d also like to find a nice thin paper that is easy to print on that I can do some transparent layering.

    Thanks for your help!

    1. Lisa Kairos

      Hi Beatrice,

      I don’t have any workshops for 2017 planned yet. I usually teach through Wax Works West in Santa Cruz, and they are retiring. Keep an eye on my website for class updates, and sign up there to be on my email list for updates on classes and shows. Thanks! – Lisa >


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