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In the Studio today…

Today feels like a metaphor for a long, deep breath. (Breathe in…….. breathe out……) I’ve recently wrapped up quite a few commitments that I’ve made over the past 6 months, and learned a lot about my time, my priorities, and myself. I’ve also come head to head with my tendency to have many many more ideas than a girl can possible execute in real time. There are also so many things that I want to learn, to read, to do… how to let go of it and deal with the reality of being a human being (and one not in possession of a time machine!) The thing is, in learning to let go, I am also hoping to more fully embrace my priorities and commitments that are on my plate. And my art is definitely on my plate! 

I haven’t been writing much in this blog lately, so I’d like to just check in today, let you all have a little peek into my studio process. Because just like life, it is SO about the process…


I love collecting old, disintegrating books, and using them in my art.


Here are a bunch of canvases, lined up against the wall… waiting for the next layer of paint… 



… And a few recently finished encaustic panels. I’ve been experimenting with some different colors, and techniques. 

So, back out to the studio I go! 

Coming soon:  Encaustic Technique #3: Collage and enclosures.

Summer Love

Summer is a rollin’, and my poor blog has been neglected! Sorry about the scarcity of posts. There has not, however, been a scarcity of things going on around here. Just quickly, because, well, I have to run off again, a rundown of things I’ve been doing and enjoying…

The Translucent show in San Francisco. So much good work.  If you are anywhere near, you must go. Nice gallery, a lot of variety in the encaustic work. Here’s the link

Strawberries. Lots and lots of strawberies.

The beach.  I finally, after 3 years of talk but no action, bought myself a wetsuit. A 40th birthday present to myself, and where we live, an absolute necessity if you want to go in the water. 

Warm days in the studio.  I love it when the days warm up, because it seems like my wax flows so much smoother.  I’ll be back soon with a new work post. No photos right now… but some good stuff happening in the studio!

Thrifting with my teenage daughter and her friends. Oh, and bubble tea. Mmmmmm.

Dusk bunny-spotting bike rides along our coastal trail on my cruiser.

My CSA box, brimming with dark green and crunchy goodness. Veggies and herbs so fresh you can smell them. I look forward to my CSA boxes like a little kid going to the candy store. 

New work by Emily Clawson, who I met at the Translucent opening. Hoping to do a little studio visit swap soon. Her work is hanging next to mine in the SF show, and absolutely glows. I think we share a love of natural history and nature, and I’m looking forward to talking to her more about her process.

Seeing family. Spending some time with my nephews and sister and brother in law, who I hardly ever see, and my parents, who are in the process of moving (too far) away to their retirement home in Northern California. So bittersweet to see them moving their things, bit by bit, and fixing up my childhood home to sell, eventually. I’m happy for them, and a little sad.

Summer reading. Right now, it’s Barbara Kingsolver’s “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle” , which is fabulous- a perfect blend of informative non-fiction and funny, touching storytelling. Perhaps my favorite kind of book.  I’m so inspired- maybe a local only diet challenge in my future? Hmmm…

Here’s to summer. I’ll be back soon with some pictures, I promise.

Things to love today

My sweetie back from Thailand and China…I love the tiny Buddah he brought back.

Finishing a sweater for my son…finally.  I haven’t been knitting much, so this has only taken me…uh….8 or 9 months.  Incredibly patient, that’s what Ian is.

Banana bread….

And my new encaustic panels.  I just made two new ones- 28″x28″- out of a hollow core door.  They seem expansive after all of my little 8 inch squares I’ve been doing.  It has been quite a project, just preparing these.  I am trying to work out how to attach a hanging wire to the back .  Since they are made from hollow doors, they are incredibly light and smooth.  I can’t wait to get going on these.