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Family: Creative Endeavours

Okay, so It’s not all beeswax and canvas and painting around here.  My kids and some friends went to an anime convention this weekend in San Jose, and we spent some quality time sculpting with- hairspray!  They dressed up as characters from a favorite video game, in all of their dramatic, weird glory….. we had a lot of fun.  




My daughter, Allie, is devoted to her own drawing, so it was great to visit the “artist’s alley” at the convention, and see artists sketching, and look through the sketchbooks that they often had out on the tables.  I was extremely impressed with some of the work I saw there.  So much talent.  

Ian and I also went to the San Jose Museum of Art and saw the “Robots” show, which I wasn’t expecting to enjoy nearly as much as I did.  I especially enjoyed the work of Thomas Zummer, Michael Mew, and Jeff Soto.  

So, after much over stimulation, we are settling in for an evening of watching Juno in our PJs and eating decompression food- aka ice cream.  mmmmmm……….


Pell Mell through New York…and back again.

So….back from New York.  Took me a few days to recover and feel like myself again. There was not a lot of sleep to be had, and I had many firsts:  Knoedler Gallery opening, Korean food, Karaoke (!), The Strand bookstore, nighttime gallery hopping in Chelsea. I stayed with wonderful friends, and met some great people. Sensory overload!

 I adore the City, but I’m also really glad to be home again.  We are very close to San Francisco here, but I swear you would never know it. 


Winter here is austere and beautiful.  I’ve been walking in the late afternoon with Milo (my dog) since I got back, and it just -anchors- me.  I’ve also spent some time in the studio…


Here is a nest in progress.  I’ve got a xerox drying on there.  I’ll rub the back off to transfer the image, and it will be close to done.  A little tweaking, a little embroidery…I really like this one.  I’ll have to tell you the story of that nest in a future post.

 And, yes, that IS Ian in the background. Ah, the joys of the trampoline!


ianwindow.jpgYou can’t do anything around here without tripping over someone being creative.  Here, my son is turning our bedroom window into his canvas, practicing some Japanese characters (instead of doing his math!).   I’ve been busy myself today….finishing up some embroidery on new paintings.sewing1.jpg                                         I’ll have new work posted soon on my website. I will be disappearing  for a few days while I take a long awaited trip to New York City to see a dear friend’s show,  soak up some attitude, eat too much good food, stay up way too late, subsequently drink way too much coffee, widow shop, and see lots and lots of art. And all this with one seriously fabulous friend! I am feeling deliciously spoiled.  My only regret is leaving my new studio for five whole days.  Ah, well, what do they say?  Absence makes the heart grow fonder….. and I’m sure I’ll come home with a head full of ideas and inspiration.