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Art Marketing Weekend

irbits_1-5w_100ppi I just spent the weekend in Hollister attending an art marketing workshop given by Alyson Stanfield. I met some great people, and soaked up lots of good advice and inspiration. If you have an opportunity to go to one of Alyson’s workshops, I highly recommend it. I especially recommend it if you are ambiguous about technology and what it can do for your art career. She gives a ton of information about how to use blogging, social networking, email, and websites to increase awareness of your work.

It’s true: We would all rather be in our studios, but this workshop impressed upon me the importance of the time spent sharing the results of those hours spent in the studio. That is why I started this blog- because making art is a solitary experience (mostly), and I feel like blogging has helped me feel more public about it, and helped me connect with other artists.

A lot of other artists at the workshop worried about not having something to say in a blog. It is true- a blog needs a steady stream of topics. A good blog has a focus. I try to focus on my process, and sharing new work. My favorite blogs keep me coming back because they have something to offer: inspiring art, tutorials, advice, art world information, good links, or an interesting perspective. Notice I listed “inspiring art” first. I like to see art that makes me think, or is beautiful, or new.

So what about you? What keeps you coming back to a blog? What would you like to see more of in art blogs? If you are a blogger, what keeps you blogging?