Blogging Presence, Blogging Absence


Hi there readers! Oh, wait… do I still have readers? I’ve taken such a long break here. But, yes, my stats tell me that people still come here to read what I’ve written, so hello! Every time I’m away from writing in this space for a while, I have a hard time coming back to it. It’s been a while since I’ve put words on these virtual pages… and here I go, wading in again, hopefully this time with a better-formed sense of purpose. I’m eager to share what I am working on, and what I have planned.

I started writing here eight years ago. Eight years! I was surprised to look back in my posts and see that date. Eight years ago, I had just had an art studio built for myself on our property. I was beginning to work a studio practice regularly after some artistically spotty years spent being preoccupied with raising small barbarians, I mean children. Eight years later, my children are grown and away at college, earning their own artsy degrees, and I am painting full time. There have been ups and downs, and some personal trials, but here I am, posting again. I’ll be writing about new work, my studio practice, upcoming workshops, shows and other events, among other things. I’ll also be writing about the creative process in general. Through my own up-and-down experience, I’ve become keenly interested in how artists create, why we create, what gets in our way, and what we can do about it. So I’m excited to share some of what I am learning about that and also hearing your insights about this thing that we do-noticing things, inventing things, painting things, singing things, writing things, playing things, telling stories, making worlds, making art.

As always, thanks for reading!

9 thoughts on “Blogging Presence, Blogging Absence

  1. lauradurrer

    I’m currently in the barbarian raising years and I give myself more slack for not feeling creative or totally motivated to work on my art. I am busy with school volunteer work and making meals and cleaning up after people and I tend to add art on the list of things I feel guilty for not making a higher priority. Currently reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert which touches on the subjects you were speaking of in this blog post. I’m going to try to give my self more space for ideas to come to me. I’m going to try and just tinker more in my art studio for fun and with out expectations. I look forward to your next post.

  2. Susan Gantz

    I stumbled upon your wonderful work while exploring the great wide web. I have reached a stage many envy: recently retired from nursing, successful adult kids, deceased parents, and no one to be accountable to but myself (sadly, husband and dog both died two years ago — but that’s another story.). I am thoroughly enjoying doing all the stuff I told myself I would do “someday.” Okay, IF you’re still reading, stop it, and go create. I am delighted you are posting again–and jealous that you’re in California. I was born in SF and spent most of my early life running in the hills of Marin. I’ve given myself a workshop with Nancy Crawfor for my 70th birthday, and am shortly off to the mountains of Mexico to see the monarch butterfly migration. I fully expect it will have an impact on my art. –Susan

  3. Cynthia Sumner

    Glad you’re back! Do you ever invite other artists over for a studio visit or do you offer classes? I’m in the North Bay and would love to come see your work up close and personal. Do you know the work of Stephanie Hargrave? There’s some resonance to me between both of your work. I like what your about.

    1. Laura Lovitt

      Yes, I’m also a North Bay artist, and I am in transition from ceramics/tile to encaustic to large format wax/mixed media work. I have found great inspiration and technical help here. Your work is beautiful and your teaching and sharing is ever so generous. I’d be interested in classes! Thank you!


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