Show in San Francisco


I’ll have brand-spankin-new paintings on view for the first part of May at Hang Art in San Francisco alongside Fain Hancock’s lovely work.  I’ll be at the opening tonight, so anyone in the area for First Thursday gallery openings, stop on in and say hello!

I’ll share a few of my favorite paintings here for those of you who can’t go to the gallery to see them.

woodsmoke_and_sunshine_small_kairos“Woodsmoke and Sunshine”, Encaustic mixed media, 30 x 60 in.

tule_fog_3_small_kairos“Tule Fog #3: I-5”, Encaustic mixed media, 24 x 48 in.

TulleFog-I-5_small_kairos“Tule Fog: I-5”,  Encaustic mixed media, 17 x 34 in.

Hope you can stop by and see them!

6 thoughts on “Show in San Francisco

  1. Shella Black


    These are more than stunning. HOW DO YOU DO THIS??? I am dazzled. You are truly adept at this layering beauty. I know you’ll sell out (if that is your goal – don’t know) but I don’t know how you could part with them. They are treasures, my friend. Well done!

    Love to you- Shella

    I’m trying to plan and save for the R&F class. We’ll see. Keep me posted.

  2. Marsha

    Hello, I am very new to Encaustics and your work is awe-inspiring! Absolutely beautiful! May I ask, how do you make those lovely tiny dots?

    Marsha 🙂


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