paperstrips_kairosSpecifically, embracing uncertainty.  Something I’m working on, because I’m generally not a big fan of uncertainty.  Uncertainty is… uncomfortable.

colors_kairosI do believe, however, that uncertainty is a vital part of making art.  Starting something new, how are we to know what will come of it?  “Is it going to work?  Where will it lead?  Will it be total shit?  Why am I even doing this?…”  That is the sort of thinking that tends to take over when I start new things.  It’s a vulnerable feeling.  But here’s the thing:  without risk and exploration, things dry up.  Art requires movement.  It requires progression.  It requires risk.  It requires action.

beginnings_kairosMost of the time, the experiments don’t work out.  Every now and then, they do.  Sometimes, they trigger a cascade of work that can last years.  But it all starts with willingness to embrace uncertainty.  So, that’s something I’m working on right now: setting some time aside to just play with different materials, play with different ways of thinking, play with failure, even.  Cultivating uncertainty.


Above: Some of my current experiments (playing) on mylar.

4 thoughts on “Uncertainty

    1. LisaK Post author

      Thank you! I am working on pieces of frosted mylar, Aprox. 24 x 32 inches. No wax. Diversifying my practice to generate more ideas.

      On 12/3/12 11:40 AM, “Lisa Kairos: Open Studio”

  1. hubertbarichievy

    I have really enjoyed your passion, it shines through. Have to ask, how did your exhibition go, the one a few months back? i feel it must of done well.

    I work with a variety of different materials and currently researching some encaustic ideas for a sculpture im working on. I have sculpted a portrait and now have the mould. I intend to cast it with a skin of clear cast resin then paint a thickish layer of encaustic, to give the illusion of depth and then encapsulate the encaustic with more clear cast resin.

    I have once made up encaustic paint when i was a student. I melted down microcrystalline wax and added artists oil paint. I have read that the preferred recipe is powdered pigment, beeswax and damar resin. I was thinking of going the oil paint way as i have all the materials already and i quite like the opaqueness of the colour . I know the ratios of paint and wax have to be taken in consideration. Im not sure i can get Damar resin where im currently staying.
    Which one would have a better art buyer or collector confidence? Do you think it would matter if the encaustic is encapsulated by clear resin? Have you worked with resin on encaustic?


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