Works In Progress

studio shot lisa kairos


I’ve been hard at work in the studio.  Here is a look at a larger piece in progress, and some small pieces lined up.  The small pieces were a challenge for me (they are 8″ x 10″), because I really prefer to work larger.  I think my paintings are generally more successful on a large scale, but this time around I tried approaching the small work a little differently.  I treated each as if it were a small, experimental piece of jewelry.  I found that taking this approach naturally adjusted the scale that I worked at, and kept me from trying to jam in too much imagery, a common problem for me when I try to work small.  These six pieces will be available at Hang Gallery in December.

six new paintings lisa kairos


Here’s another view of my studio work table…

studio shot lisa kairos


This is something I often do, especially when I am trying something new.  I’ll find a way to “mock up” the next element in a painting.  This is especially valuable to me because when I start a painting, I only have a vague idea of where I want it to go, and often it takes me someplace completely different.  And because I’m always working in transparencies, allowing each layer to show as I build the image, it is especially important to me that I respond to the image by adding each layer in the most aware, informed way possible.  By trying out different elements before adding them to the painting, I can be a little more efficient, and often this process leads to innovations that I may not have thought of otherwise.  It also allows me to make little adjustments, sometimes minute, that make a big difference in the compositions.  These yellow circles may or may not be added- I haven’t decided yet.

Overall, I’m having a productive month in the studio so far…

5 thoughts on “Works In Progress

  1. Giselle

    hi Lisa! Beautiful photos of your current work and studio. Will your paintings be up at Hang Art in January, by any chance? That’s when I’ll likely get to the city next, and Hang Art is my favorite gallery there. Question regarding your bottom photo where there are swatches of color. Are those encaustic color swatches that you’ve made?

    1. LisaK Post author

      Thanks, Giselle…and yes, I’ll have work at Hang in January. They rotate things so frequently there, that I’m never sure what they’ll have up, though. And yes, those are color charts. I think I’ll do a separate post about those; they are a great tool.

      On 11/20/12 11:18 PM, “Lisa Kairos: Open Studio”

  2. Byrne Identity

    Lisa, your work is beautiful! I love the way you use layers of cut-out materials, incisions and metallic.

    When I started my encaustic painting class last year, I visited your blog constantly to read about encaustic techniques, etc. Very inspiring!


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