Looking Forward, and a Big Thank-You…



Hard to believe a whole year has gone by since I last posted!  I’ve still been hard at work, in the studio and in life, moving things forward.  But somewhere along the way, I lost my focus on this blog.  I  needed to put my energy into what was directly in front of me:  Making art, living life, adjusting to my children’s new independence.  With that independence came new pressure to make more money.  College tuition will do that to you. And financial pressure has made me examine what I truly want to be doing, and how to make it all work.  I’ve been juggling many things at once- an intensified studio practice, a few shows, a new gallery, and school.  I’m still juggling, feeling my way along this time of transition.  Eager to see what lies on the other side. 

Transition and change have inspired me to fire up this blog again, and re-invent it a bit.  Imagine my surprise when I checked in here with this space and saw how many people are still coming here and reading, despite my neglect!  So, I want to thank everyone here who reads, subscribes, bookmarks, leaves a comment, or just checks it out and moves on:  Thank you.  You have all been awesome.

Changes.  Expect this blog to get better: better design, more posts, better photos, new topics, new ideas.  The main idea is the same: Life intersecting art.  Because how do we pull apart life and art? We can’t.  What we make comes from who we are and the life we live.  I’ve been taking writing courses, so there will be more here about writing, a crucial skill for artists. More about the art-making process and a dose of inspiration from my own studio and other’s.  This blog is, after all, called Open Studio.



5 thoughts on “Looking Forward, and a Big Thank-You…

  1. Laura Fayer

    Good luck with everything, Lisa. I also wanted to say thank you for linking my website. I have received quite a bit of traffic on my site that was referred from yours.

  2. Lori

    We know how busy life can be…in my case, it’s like many of us – elderly parents and college students. It is inspiring to read about othe artists in the same position, and great that we can support each other! Looking forward to hearing from you through your blog!


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