Studio Shots

It’s been such a gray and rainy spring! But that hasn’t stopped the work in the studio… in fact, it’s been a wonderful year for the plants this year. Above, some mustard gone to seed.

The hummingbirds have been busy disguising their nests with this moss that grows on the old plum trees behind my studio.

This lovely thing fell to the ground during the last wind storm. I’m looking forward to drawing it.

This pile of embroidery thread is waiting to be woven into some paintings… paintings that are only in my head at the moment. I’m looking forward to the hours of summer, and seeing if some of my new ideas work.

2 thoughts on “Studio Shots

  1. laura brooks

    Hi Lisa. I was playing a few weeks ago on my computer and ran across your beautiful work. The page that I couldn’t believe how gorgeous the piece was, was a huge canvas in gray, some white… it almost looked like cement (modern looking). I saved it or so I thought and now it’s no longer on your website. Could you tell me how to find it again?
    I am not an artist but I love to play and so appreciate every one’s creativity.
    Thanks. You’re fabulous. Laura

    1. LisaK Post author

      Hi Laura, Wow, thanks for the great comment. I’m not sure what piece you are referring to, but I haven’t taken anything down off my blog. So, what I would do is scroll down through my posts until you find the one that you saw. Glad you are enjoying the work.


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