Whatever Works…

The other day I was working in my studio, and this was the scene… and I thought, “How strange this looks!” So I ran to get my camera to share it with you all. I’m so fascinated by other artist’s processes, and the unusual ways that we problem solve when we are trying to get an idea out of our heads and onto the image. Encaustic is such a “new” medium in it’s current usage, and as I meet more and more artists using wax in their work, I am struck with how we are inventing it as we go.

I also thought this was funny because I’m often told that my work is delicate or ethereal, and yet the process is so… scrappy. I knew here that I wanted a large, white circle on the painting, but I didn’t know what to use to guide the circle. none of my usual objects were large enough. And then the garbage lid called to me from across the studio…  “Me! Me! Use me!”

So I did.

9 thoughts on “Whatever Works…

  1. Patti

    I am very new to encaustics and I so enjoy following your blog. I have been enjoying this series of work that you’ve been sharing. Lisa, are the intricate crochet-looking pieces actual doilies, scanned images or are they hand painted? I love your style!

    1. LisaK Post author

      Patti, I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog… the doily and lace shapes are either inlayed with an intarsia technique or painted directly with a small brush. Check my tutorial on intarsia here on the blog. Hobby stores often stock inexpensive squirrel hair brushes in very small sizes.

  2. Stephanie Clayton

    I’m also new to encaustics- so new that I’ve only studied it; waiting to try til I have a workspace more conducive to working in this medium.

    It’s a pleasure to see your process. I agree that the end result appears so delicate- almost lace-like.

    1. LisaK Post author

      Ha! You see the space in the picture? That’s it! That is practically my whole studio- it’s postage stamp size. If I don’t clean up after myself, I don’t have room to work. I have one other small work table in there, and it is currently covered with so much stuff that I can’t use it. Oh, and the paints lined up neatly like that? They’re only neat because I hardly ever use them… but I have lots of white blocks around. 🙂 Messy is just part of making!

  3. Flo

    Well, I would not have the courage to take a picture of my workspace right now. Gads! If I paint tonight I guess it will have to be on the floor. I think I need to just clean up rather than paint.


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