Journaling and Dialoguing


I just have to tell you all how much I’ve been enjoying your comments lately.

I began this blog with two goals, or intentions. The first was to simply get down my thoughts and ideas as a record for myself- as a way of journaling. Keeping this blog has given me a place and reason to think deeply about what I’m making, why I’m making it, and why other other people might want to look at it. It’s been a reason for me to write it all down, and share my progress. Even though it is a digital journal, floating in cyberspace, it lends a feeling of solidity to my ideas and history for me to look back on. 

My second goal was to find some community, and begin a dialogue with other artists and people interested in art. When you comment, this digital journal becomes a conversation. My monologue becomes a dialogue. I go look at your blogs and websites, and gain inspiration and insight.

So- thank you for sharing your own thoughts about what you’re making, why you are making it, and what our art is for. Your comments make my day.

5 thoughts on “Journaling and Dialoguing

  1. Janet

    I love looking at your art, hearing about the process – so thank you. Self employment can be a lonely venture at times – artists can be introspective. I enjoy blogging and the social networks for many of the reasons you listed as well.

  2. Kim

    Thankyou so much for blogging. It is a wonderful sounding board that enables communication, the sharing of techniques, frustrations and the processes we all go through with other like minded souls, and is always inspiring to someone, somewhere!

  3. Marilyn Gallas

    How true this is. We’ve all developed our on-line community to share and explore our thoughts and art with. There is so much available that we never would have had if not for the internet. Looking at others’ blogs makes me see the world a little differently. I also enjoy the sharing of comments.

  4. Maria B

    I’ve just come across this blog today and sadly, I can’t remember how. Pinterest? Another blog? I’m sorry, I’m just not sure. I really loved the “Lost in Living,” video you posted, especially the part about music and art putting the sheen back on things. I’ve been out of art school for about 5 years now. I had my first daughter 4 months after I got my BFA. I have only just begun to consider art again. I now have 2 daughters. Anyway, what I miss most about school is that collaboration and support you receive so yeah, I’m on board with a community. I miss it so. Lovely paintings. Lovely words.


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