Show Opening: Working in Wax

Here are some pictures from Wednesday night’s opening in Walnut Creek. It was a good crowd, and I was able to enjoy some really interesting work, and talk to other artists.  I’m sorry I am not able to credit the work shown in these pictures. I need to go through the many artists who are on the postcard, look them up online, and I’ll put them in the ever-growing sidebar under “Artists I Love”, so that you can go learn more about them if you are interested. A big thank-you to Eileen P. Goldberg who curated the show!


I can credit myself, though. Those are two of my pieces, above, and to the left.


Another of my pieces, off to the left, above the crackers and cheese.





4 thoughts on “Show Opening: Working in Wax

    1. LisaK Post author

      Hi Shelly, I don’t know very much about it, as I didn’t create it, but it was pretty fascinating! Many of the objects seemed to either be sculpted out of beeswax (like the candelabras, telephone, etc.), or be dipped in beeswax (like the newspaper). It reminded me a lot of a cream colored knitted room I saw in interweave knits magazine a while back.

  1. Flo B

    The show was inspiring. I traveled from the California Central Coast to see the show and hear Eileen talk about her selections. I felt I had been working in isolation until viewing the show. It’s good to see what others are doing.


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