New Work #11: Encaustic

Here’s what I’ve been working on… more from the “Winter” series.




This last piece is larger- 25 x 28 inches. The top two are 12 x 12″.

These paintings are continuing from a series I started a few months ago. I took a walk near my home, and gathered some of the mid-winter weeds and flower/seed stalks that had dried but were still standing tall against the wind. I’ve been drawing them, and incorporating them into these paintings. I’ve been enjoying making these so much, my ideas for them keep getting bigger… as in wanting to paint bigger and bigger. I use a lot of clear wax in these, about 15 layers or so, and the image elements float between layers, creating a depth and space that gets more interesting as the paintings get bigger. There is more room to visually float and explore in the picture space.

3 thoughts on “New Work #11: Encaustic

  1. haynesbe

    It seems you are experiencing in your art what I am in my study of economics: the back and forth of zooming in to examine the details, then stepping back to see how it all fits into the larger picture. Neither perspective by itself it satisfactory.

    If I were richer and had enough wall space, I would love to own more of your work!!

  2. Liz Crain

    Lisa, these are exquisite time capsules! I enjoy how you explain your sources and your process. (And I understand just that much more the fascination with encaustic.)


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