3 thoughts on “More Inspiration: Snow

  1. mark

    i can’t believe that after several days, no one has yet commented on these lovely photographs…

    do you ever consider a taking short detour away from painting to work on a photographic series or two, or is this strictly a part of the painting process for you?

    1. LisaK Post author

      Thanks for the comment about the photos- I haven’t really thought of photography in that way in a long time. I just approach it with the attitude of documenting for painting. Sometimes something nice happens.

  2. mark

    i’m sure that you know if you haven’t thought about photo that way in a long time, that the medium has changed completely. when i wrote the above comment i was imagining what a series of small square photos, similar to the 10×10 encaustic groups you’ve displayed, would look like along side your other work. maybe photo is something to think about next time you run into a block. if you print on cotton paper, then at the very least you’ll have something to tear up and work back into your painting…


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