New Work #8: more winter wax


We are having a delicious, drizzly February day here, and the starlings outside are making quite a racket. My wind chimes are going a little crazy. I’m just enjoying it all, taking care of family life, and baking ginger cookies (because that’s what I do when it drizzles outside!) Also, sharing the latest “Winter” piece, above. I feel like I’ve finally struck a balance between complexity and simplicity in these latest pieces. I am enjoying letting the wax be what it is, not fighting or trying to overly control it. For instance, when I first started adding the tiny white dot areas, it frustrated me to no end that I couldn’t get them all to look uniform. Some of them are big, some small, some stick up and others are flat. And it’s all dependent on too many factors- like if my pallet is heating up or not (it’s on a thermostat, so there are slight variations in temperature as it cycles on and off), or how long I hold the brush on the pallet to warm it up again, or how many dots I try to make before returning to my pallet (which, of course, has everything to do with my mood and patience that day). Etc, etc. But then I just gave up. It is what it is. And I fell in love with the variation. Now, I just let it be, and I think it is one of my favorite things about these little paintings. Sometimes, acceptance can truly transport us to new places!

7 thoughts on “New Work #8: more winter wax

  1. Pat

    OOOh, this is gorgeous!!!!

    I find I just have to let the waxes take me. If I fight them, the final result will not work but if I just let it flow, an image appears with which I can work.

  2. Kushlani Hall

    I love these ones. They are so subtle and gorgeous. I love the birds too. Absolutely great. It was so wonderful meeting you. I am yet to make a blog, Will let you know when I do.

    Happy Painting

    1. LisaK Post author

      I’m so glad you came and took a look at what I’m doing here. Do be sure to let me know if you blog- very impressed with your work this weekend!

  3. Mary Farmer


    Wow, love this work and your “ode to the dots”; I know that sometimes we must let go and let wax.
    Also, would like you comments on WordPress, my blog looks very sad.


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