New Work #7: Winter


Some new work coming out of my studio lately. I’ve started a new series- a variation on the “white noise” series. I’m calling this one “Winter”. Most days, I take a walk with my dog in the fields near my house. We live about a five minute walk to the bluffs that line the coast here in Half Moon Bay, and we are lucky enough to have fields along the bluffs that are open to the public. Every season has it’s own way of defining the landscape, and here in coastal California, we don’t get snow. We don’t get ice. We get wind. In late fall, the wind becomes fierce, and pummels the tall, dead, silvery grasses, flattening them to the ground. The only things left standing are the sturdy remains of flowering weeds and herbs, sometimes with seed pods left intact. It makes a striking landscape- the black, barren remnants of last year’s plants stand like black calligraphic marks against the pale, flat grasses.


So, I’ve been inspired to try to communicate some of this in these new paintings. These two are from drawings of seed pods that I found in my yard, and they look a bit like seaweed to me. I’ll post more of this work in the next few days, so be sure to check back.

8 thoughts on “New Work #7: Winter

  1. jessica gosman

    Your paintings are so beautiful. How do you get the white wax to deposit in small dots? I live in Boston and expecting more snow today! UGH!

    1. LisaK Post author

      Hi Jessica,

      I use a tiny brush, and each white dot is placed there, holding the brush vertically. It takes some practice, getting the right amount of wax into the brush, etc., and a lot of time! Another way to get a similar effect would be to make indents in the wax, brush the white over, and scrape it back with a razor blade. That would produce a smooth surface. Are you new to encaustic?

  2. jessica gosman

    Hi Lisa:
    No, I am not new, but the precision with which you made each dot is incredible! I agree it must be very time consuming! Just beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing.


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