A New Year…

I do love the idea of the new year, and though I’m not much for “New Year’s resolutions”, I do find it an excellent time to take stock, looking both back and forward. This past year has brought me so much to be grateful for, it’s difficult to quantify. Some of it is material: A new studio steps from my back door, amazing local food grown by our hardworking farmers, a new kitty, a trip to Thailand, artwork sales. Other things, less concrete, but perhaps more valuable: my priceless relationships with family and friends, many moments of creative inspiration and productivity, laughter and health, experiences had and lessons learned. Looking forward, I can carry all of this into the new year. Instead of the new year feeling like a time to “start over”, I feel like it is a time to build on the previous year. Even the so-called mistakes have their hidden value, if I reflect on them in a positive way. The past few months have been tumultuous for many of us- politically, or economically, or personally. The new year is a great time to glean the goodness of 2008, and carry it forward!

May your paths be lit by the light of inspiration in 2009!

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