In the Studio

In my studio….. Some random thoughts for this November day.


Loving….  This sweet little mouse nest brought to me from Bonny Doon, jasmine tea, wood smoke, fall colors, seasonal food in the kitchen.


This is a chard stem bouquet- after my daughter and I finished oooh-ing and aaah-ing over the color combinations in the chard, we both agreed they were too beautiful to compost right away, and deserved to be enjoyed a little longer!  This week marked the end of our csa boxes for the year… always sad to have that end. 

Listening to….

Maria Taylor, The Weepies, Havergal, Sigor Ros, Iron and Wine….  good fall music for the studio.

Thinking about… patterning and organization in nature, exploring silverpoint, photography, collecting seed pods.


Work in progress in my studio…  More encaustics, a little more colorful this time around.  I think I may be influenced by the colors around me right now. Here on the coast, we get some of our most beautiful weather in October and November, and the low, clear light seems to intensify the brown-reds of the fields, the brooding blue of the Pacific, the wooly sage green of the hillsides, and the orange-red of the winter squash in the fields. 


2 thoughts on “In the Studio

  1. Dawn

    I love that your layers are so clear. I am looking for a medium that is clearer and more transparent. Can you help? I make my own medium using Swan’s beeswax and damar but it is very cloudy.

    1. LisaK Post author

      Hi Dawn, My guess is that you are using it thickly (?). Or that air is being trapped in the wax. Texture will also make the wax look cloudy. It doesnt take a lot of wax to start obscuring your imagery. Best of luck.


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