New Work and a Show

Geez!  When was the last time I posted new work on this blog?  It feels like ages ago.  Anyway, here we go… The two nests below are acrylic mixed media. 

And then two new encaustics… continuing to experiment with the same techniques. I am working on some others in this format too, just trying to push a little farther in slightly different directions than before.

All four of these pieces, plus some others, will be in the group show “Wishfull Thinking” at Lark and Key Gallery in Charlotte, North Carolina.  The show will be running November 5th through December 30th, and I encourage anyone nearby to go and take a look. Other participating artists are Flora Bowley, Michelle Caplan, Duy Huynh, Kate Phillips, and Osiris Rain. It looks to be an interesting and varied show, and Lark and Key looks like a dreamy gallery/shop. Just the sort of place that I could not resist walking into. You know- “tractor beam effect”. Here’s a look inside- 

3 thoughts on “New Work and a Show

  1. thebeaddreamer

    What beautiful and soulful work you have. It would be wonderful to see your show in Charlotte – encaustics have such a wonderful level of depth to them. So very glad to have found your blog.


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