Views of Birds and Bees at Enso

Here are some shots from the show at Enso. Lovely, lovely space. Wonderful people there, too. No shots from the opening, as I forgot my camera (!), but it went well, and I visited with friends and family and met lots of interensting, artistically minded locals. Just what I was hoping for…

Remember all of those little encaustics? They pack a punch hung all together like this.

This nest is going to a new home on the coastside. 

And here are some shots of the outside of the gallery/yoga studio. How appropriate- to have an art gallery space inside a work of art! The building feels truly hand made, rustic and recycled, all at once.

As for me, I’ve taken a bit of a breather from art this week, preparing for the new homeschooling year, and getting my daughter ready for her first year of public high school. I did clean up my studio, and have been preparing supports for a variation series on the small encaustics I’ve been working on.  I also have another project in the works, but that’s secret for now…..

1 thought on “Views of Birds and Bees at Enso

  1. haynesbe

    Hi Lisa,

    I finally made it over to Enso Saturday morning, and the got to go back for a second look when Rinat came over to see the display.

    It was fun trying to verbalize what it is we like about your work, and we both really love it!!
    Words that came were things like: gentle, peaceful, joyful.

    There is something decidedly feminine about your work, or at least it speaks to that side of me. Even the one of gears. The new small ones remind me of lace, in their subtle colors and whiteness and their elaborate details of points. The contrast of sharp detail overlying a background of layered indistinctness reminds me of thinking: one thought brought into focus a top a myriad of other thoughts in held in varying degrees of clarity.

    Thank you for creating these and the gift of this view of the world.



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