Translucent Show in San Francisco

Show information, as promised.  I am very excited to go and see this show.  It looks like it will be diverse and interesting.  A few of these names are familiar to me, from looking around the internet, so it will be great to see the work on the wall, rather than on a digital screen.  I know that my own work looks so different on the computer.  It is difficult to photograph the quality of a beeswax painting, truly.  They never look as alluring on the computer or in a slide as they do ten inches from your nose.  I always find myself, bobbing around, looking close, then stepping back a few feet, going close, squinting. They are just fun to look at, and often have a mystery about them. Maybe I’ll see you at the opening!

2 thoughts on “Translucent Show in San Francisco

  1. Erin

    wax is such a wonderful medium. I love how ghostly it can look– the translucence of layers, and the way colors mix and play.

    a belated welcome back to you! I’d love to see more pictures!

  2. Beth

    Thanks for announcing your shows. I love your art. It is so peaceful, yet uplifting and happy. You are able to capture a small bit of the beauty in life and focus my attention on it so I can stand in awe and contemplation. It helps me to slow down, even stop, and soak in the deliciousness of the moment.
    Thank you for your vision.


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