From Bankok

Things I am loving right now:

Thai massage

stir fried greens with fried garlic

tropical heat

outdoor markets

dilapidated buildings

swarms of motor scooters with girls riding side saddle

lotus flowers and orchids everywhere

tuk tuks

really friendly people


3 thoughts on “From Bankok

  1. Erin

    side saddle!! I LOVE side saddle.

    And outdoor markets- props.

    i love thai massage too. well, really, i don’t know THAI massage, but i know massage, and i really, truly am in love with it.

  2. Beth

    Thailand sounds wonderful.

    Here are some things I’m loving (so you can think about how wonderful it is here too):

    Sitting on the deck soaking up sunshine and economics

    Driving to Wyoming (and riding shot gun half way) just to buy fireworks. To think my teenage son actually asked to spend those 35 hours with me!

    Watching my daughter master no-hands bike riding , wearing a grin as wide as Nevada.

    Watching my spousie watch (and listen to) Sheryl Crow at a winery near Yosemite –it’s so good to see him having fun!

    Bring home lots of pictures!


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