Studio Update

Green tea is my new coffee.  At least for now…

My family and I have been a bit under the weather this week. I don’t know if anything could keep me off coffee (aka, “The Elixer of Life”) permanently, but I’ve managed to switch to green tea while I recuperate. It’s made for a few blurry days in the studio, but I’ve been getting out there anyway. I’ve made a little progress on the nests, but the big news is….

I’ve fired up the hot plate and have finally started painting in encaustic again. It feels like it’s been so long.  My table isn’t the right height yet, so I’ve been getting a sore back and neck, but it’s worth it.  Totally. I was really missing the smell of beeswax.  I’ve started a new body of work. These pieces are the 8″x8″ pieces of plywood that have been sitting in my studio for a few weeks. They have the look of tiles, and I want to hang them in groups. Here are the first few, I have 21 more to go…

I am, so far, very pleased with the way these are turning out.  I’ll have to write another post about the influences here, but for now, I need to get myself out there and paint some more!

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