Developing Work…


Started some new nests today.

 Here is the under painting for one of them.  The very first layer, and it shows how crazy they start out. I scribble a lot in my under painting.  Then I gradually build layers and it starts coming together eventually.  One of the most challenging things is trying to build the image without losing the sense of spontaneity that is underneath it all.  Starting a painting is mostly about putting one foot in front of another, and not over thinking it.  But as the painting gets nearer completion, I really have to stay alert to each mark, each brushstroke.  Each mark becomes part of the conversation on that canvas.  There is a tension between the spontaneity and the completion.  If I am not paying enough attention, I can paint right through that point where it is done, but not too done.  Just done enough.  When that happens, I usually have to either paint over the whole thing, or part of it, and start over.  I just painted over an unsuccessful painting that was the victim of my distracted inattention. Oh, well, it’s a better painting for it now.  But how did this start? With my talking about how they begin.  And they do begin raw, don’t they?

Here is something else I’ve got going….


I worked on the cover for my new journal.  These journals help keep my momentum going and end up being little laboratories for new ideas and image making.  I collage a lot in them, and write in them.   Here are a few examples from past journals, since I don’t really have anything worth showing in this one yet….



The first is from when we lived in Massachusetts, and I was terribly homesick. The second is from shortly after we moved back, “changes”. I’ll post more as this new journal develops.  There are definitely some new ideas I’d like to work out in it.   

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