Morning sun in the studio


We actually woke up to some sun this morning.  Not that it’s particularly warm, but still nice. A hint of spring.  I got some time in the studio last night, and here are the remains….. and some of the results.


The painting on the left is something I’m working on, and the two on the right are some of the first bird theme paintings I did, and decided that they needed to be recycled.  I whited most of them out, and they’ll become something new.  And speaking of something old becoming something new, here is the table I mentioned. The one destined to become the encaustic table.


I know, it totally needs work.  It’s been sitting out in the fog and rain for weeks, and the veneer is peeling, but I think with a little thought and care, it will work out perfectly. I need to build up the top so that it is taller, and top it off with some plywood. I can’t wait to get the hot wax going in the studio.  It won’t truly feel like it’s mine until it is saturated with the smell of beeswax! 

1 thought on “Morning sun in the studio

  1. ihanne

    I have it the same way as you. I definitely prefer a studio – even with a limited space – but at HOME.

    My studio is small, so when I have to deal with any major projeckts my art work always end up in my kitchen or living room as well. For periods the entire house is turned a studio!

    I have a flexible and understanding family though!


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